About our College Grants Initiative

Napoli Management offers college grants totaling $12,000 that are offered in annual increments of $3,000 over a 4-year period to many of our part-time employees. When you choose McDonald’s for your first job, you’ve made the first step in a future filled with pride and accomplishment. Not only does McDonald’s serve 64 million customers daily in 35,000 restaurants throughout the world, we also give back to the community through our dedication to the Archways to Opportunity Program .

The Archways to Opportunity Program Offers:


  • Tuition Assistance
  • High School Diplomas at no cost
  • National Employee Scholarships and;
  • English Under the Arches program

According to McDonald’s Corporation, since the launch of the  Archways to Opportunity Program in April 2015, more than 24,000 restaurant employees throughout the U.S. have enrolled in a program through  Archways to Opportunity.

"Only I can change my life... no one can do it for me"

Carol Burnett

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