Family Financial Planning

Are you interested in building personal wealth or a retirement fund?

We often joke around that we have something better then a 401 K, we have an 802 L, referring to our motto that having a 401 K but not understanding the basic principles of Mutual funds or understanding a good plan on building wealth is meaningless. This is the reason we conduct regularly scheduled Family Financial Planning sessions with our interested employees approximately once or twice a year with employees that are truly interested in the discipline of learning and executing a Family Financial Plan.

We initiate these financial planning meetings with 3 guest speakers (financial planner/investor, banker, & Real Estate specialist) that have a track record of success regardless of the initial barriers that all young people experience in their youth.

The greatest barrier to succeeding would be if you begin this process close to retirement age. If you’re close to retirement age, we strongly recommend purchasing a life policy sufficient to cover funeral services, although Ray Crock founded McDonald’s Corp close to retirement age! We register our interested employees a minimum of 4-6 months in advance of workshop, while providing them 3 critical study material bundles to become acclimated on basics of basics so students will be able to ask intelligent questions. We restrict workshop size to maximum of 12 for optimum group participation, necessary to succeed.