College Student Success Stories

The following journals individual success stories about some of our existing college student employees. We hope you enjoy some of our amazing transformational success stories that have come to inspire us all.

About our College Grants Initiative

Napoli Management offers college grants totaling $12,000 that are offered in annual increments of $3,000 over a 4-year period to many of our part-time employees. When you choose McDonald’s for your first job, you’ve made the first step in a future filled with pride and accomplishment. Not only does McDonald’s serve 64 million customers daily in 35,000 restaurants throughout the world, we also give back to the community through our dedication to the Archways to Opportunity Program .

The Archways to Opportunity Program Offers:


  • Tuition Assistance
  • High School Diplomas at no cost
  • National Employee Scholarships and;
  • English Under the Arches program

Meet some of our College Grant Recipients

Success stories we love to share!


Scholarship Recipient Anne Wilcox

In Her Own Words:

Anne’s Story

As a McDonalds tuition reimbursement recipient, I have been able to obtain an Associate’s degree in Substance Abuse from the Community College of Rhode Island, and will graduate Rhode Island College in May with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.

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Along the way, I have been able to obtain certificates in Youth Mental Health First Aid, Adult Mental Health First Aid, and before graduation I will receive specialized training for those in crisis involving drugs. Without the McDonalds scholarship, none of this would have been possible. The McDonalds scholarships has allowed me to purchase course materials as well as pay for classes.

I came to McDonald’s in 2013 because it was told to me that they offered flexibility. Wanting to pursue an education I left my job as a manager at a pizza parlor and came to McDonald’s. I started as a crew member and worked my way to a swing manager, going to school the entire time. McDonald’s offered me such amazing flexibility it allowed me to earn my associates degree. After earning my associates, I decided to pursue my Bachelor’s degree. It was then that my new store manager informed me of the scholarships that McDonald’s had and encouraged me to apply. With her encouragement and continued support of my education, I applied and received not one grant but two thus far. My store manager has been behind me every step of the way accommodating my needs.

I’m incredibly grateful for all the opportunities McDonald’s has afforded me. Without flexibility, I wouldn’t have decided to pursue my education. Without the scholarship, I wouldn’t have been able to afford to finish college.

According to McDonald’s Corporation, since the launch of the  Archways to Opportunity Program in April 2015, more than 24,000 restaurant employees throughout the U.S. have enrolled in a program through  Archways to Opportunity.

Napoli Management is proud to be a part of such a successful initiative and welcome you to meet our 2017 recipients!

2018 College Grant Recipients


“McDonald’s is a positive work environment. Working at McDonald’s has allowed me to grow as a person. I have gained confidence in my social skills over the past three years. “

 School: Johnson & Wales University



“McDonald’s being my first job has benefited me in many ways. I was able to work my way up and support myself, all while being a full-time student. I am grateful for the opportunities given and for the people I’ve met.”

Major & School: Rhode Island College, Elementary Education



“Working at McDonald’s means a lot for my life right now. I’m currently a full-time worker and student which means working here greatly benefits me financially, to help pay for my bills at home and my school tuition.”

Major & School: Community College of Rhode Island, General Studies



“McDonald’s helped me be a worker, student, and a parent all at once. It never distances me from my life goals. It’s a learning experience to do what I do on a daily basis. I am forever grateful and humbled.”

 School: Lincoln Tech Institute, Medical Assistance



“McDonald’s rewards its employees with insight on how it is to work in an environment where excellent customer service is targeted. Not only does this help mold into what an ideal employee can be but it offers endless opportunities to further one’s education.”

Major & School: College of Mount Saint Vincent, Criminology



McDonald’s is a great career which teaches its employees important skills in an exceptional environment. My job provides flexibility that allows me to go to school while having a family. It also allows me to have new experiences daily. “

Major & School: Community College of Rhode Island, Business Management


2017 College Grant Recipients


“McDonald’s helped me grow as a person and taught me how to focus and that’s meant a lot to me. I’ve been here for four months and we’re like a  family. “

  • Major & School: Law & Business, Online Program



“McDonald’s was my first job starting out and the people are awesome! They’ve become like a second family and receiving the scholarship is a huge perk- the lower tuition is a bonus! “

  • Major & School: Marketing & Psychology/Business Administration, Bryant University



“For me, it was my first real job. Working here was about growing up, leadership, and working together. I miss it at college! “

  • Major & School: Double Major, English & Philosophy, Merrimack College



“I’ll be forever grateful McDonald’s gave me the opportunity to have my first job and the importance of team work, also gave me the confidence that I need to be where I’m today the skills I’ve learn here I apply to my everyday life.”

  • Major & School: Education, Salem State University



“McDonald’s helped me build confidence in my self, the opportunities that I have to grow within the company are great and look forward to that “

  • Major & School: Information Technology, UMass Boston



“Working at McDonald’s is an ego booster and a platform for me to grow. McDonald’s has and continues to provide the tools I need to succeed in life. Working here gives me  a sense of confidence that’s necessary in life.”

  • Major & School: Liberal Arts Major, Massoit College



“Mcdonalds was my first job and the people here are great, the skills I’ve learn throughout these 3 years is something that I’ll be able to use where ever I go, now that I’m in college I always look forward to come back during breaks and vacations, is so much fun working here.”

  • School:  Syracuse University



“The skills that I learned throughout this 10 years career with Mcdonald’s I’ve applied to my personal life and has helped stay organized with school.”

  • Major & School: Nursing, Quincy College



“This is my first job,  the flexibility with schedule allows me to work and go to school at the same time, Mcdonald’s is great place to build a career and that’s what I look for in the future.”

  • Major & School: Computer Technology, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology



“I really enjoy working at Mcdonald’s, this is my first job and I have learn a lot, specially with customer service, Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this family.”

  • School:  UMass Boston



“What it means to work at McDonald’s is learning experiences and growth. Every shift was a learning experience and helped me grow within the company.”

  • Major & School: Business Management, Community College of Rhode Island



“It’s fun. Every day is different. You can work your way up. Works well with schooling and has flexible schedule.”

  • Major & School: Computer Information Systems, Rhode Island College




“I’m incredibly grateful for all of the opportunities McDonald’s has afforded me. Without flexibility, I wouldn’t have decided to purse my education. Without the scholarship, I wouldn’t have been able to afford to finish college.”

  • Major & School:  Associate’s Degree in Substance Abuse with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Community College of Rhode Island



“Working at McDonald’s has given me many opportunities. It gives me a flexible schedule, and with the scholarships, it  really helps with school. I’ve also made many friends and feel like a part of the family.”

  • Major & School: Mechanical Engineering, University of Rhode Island



“I’ve been working at McDonald’s for nine years and I feel I have learned leadership skills I can use in the future. I have also developed some lifelong friendships that I will treasure.”

  • Major & School: Occupational Therapy, Online



“McDonald’s gives me the opportunity to gain in customer service. It also gives me the opportunity to learn management functions like time management, people management and compliance management. This experience better prepares me personally as well as for more opportunities in the future.”

  • Major & School:  General Studies, Community College of Rhode Island



“Working at McDonald’s is an experience in which you gain customer service skills. These skills provide you with patience as well as responsibility. This job enhances my communications skills and allows me to practice my teamwork capabilities.”

  • Major & School: Computer Science with Minor in Business, University of Rhode Island



“Working at McDonald’s has given me my first working experience and has taught me a lot about leadership and teamwork.”

  • Major & School: Youth Development, Community College of Rhode Island



“I started at 16 and McDonald’s was my first job and I learned important life skills such as the ability to adapt to a new environment and also communication skills.”

  • Major & School:  Psychology, Community College of Rhode Island



“It is a great place to learn how to work as a team, meet some wonderful people and co-workers.”

  • Major & School: Marine Biology, University of Rhode Island



“Working at McDonald’s allows me to earn money that I utilize to pay for tuition and textbooks. In addition, I am able to purchase other things I need for myself and help my mom. I enjoy working at McDonald’s because it is flexible when it comes to scheduling and I like my co-workers.”

  • Major & School: Accounting, University of Rhode Island



“Being a McDonald’s employee for over half a decade means that I have gained numerous skills. Ranging from communication when assisting customers to leadership qualities when helping co-workers.”

  • Major & School:  Ultrasound/Psychology, Rhode Island College


"Only I can change my life... no one can do it for me"

Carol Burnett

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