Management Training

Management Training Leads

Selecting only the best of our 18 restaurants, in which we employ approximately 150 managers

alt tagJoey Napoli 400

Joey Napoli
Partner, VP and Director of Operations & Training

alt tagSue Coyle Napoli

Susan Boyle
Training Lead

Zhana Davis
Deployment Lead

Fabiana Kiter
Training Lead

Marla Da Silva
People Experience Lead

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Carine Lopes Campos
Administrative Support Lead

Management Training

We’re constantly expanding the ranks of instructors from our student manager graduates. Our Management Training system is a centralized 2-day training class in which we select future leaders and shift manager students to complete an extensive course with a one on one certification by our People Ops Manager.

We strive to have at least one candidate in each restaurant. This course rotates between our MA and RI patch every 3 weeks in an effort to spend quality time with each candidate. The key to our success revolves around the combination of both classroom and on-the-floor practice to take what is learned and apply it during their shifts. The graduate is also responsible for certifying at least 2 Crew Trainers who in turn will become future candidates for our Management Training Class. We often invite corporate McDonald’s representatives from the Training Department or Field Service Operations department to further enhance our training effectiveness to continually inspire our students for future leadership roles whether inside McDonald’s or in a future career of their chosen field, if college-student employees.

The enhanced value of our training system is simply the high level of instructors we demand from our program, selecting only the best of our 18 restaurants who employ approximately 150 managers and 800 total employees.

The Blitz Shift Management Training System is designed primarily for outstanding existing crew people that meet the following pre-qualifying criteria certified by their GM and Area Supervisor:

  • Successful completion of all crew stations e-learning
  • Completed the Crew Trainer course on Fred learning system
  • Napoli Management Basic Checklist certification
  • Serve Safe certification

Crew that is interested in being considered to attend a future Blitz Shift Management Training class can reach out to your restaurant GM, Supervisor, or People Ops Manager Dona Thompson who can be reached via email at [email protected] or via cell phone at 781-654-7023 in order to begin processing the pre-qualifying criteria shown above.

Candidates who complete the course and certification become eligible for a personalized job letter which lays out the details of their official promotion, clearly defined-measurable expectations, as well as specific support from their superiors, and future with our company.

Thank you,
People Ops Training Team


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela