Crew Training & Orientation Programs


Napoli Management is proud to offer our extensive Crew Training & Orientation Program centralized in our Training centers, for all of our incoming crew employees.

We understand and appreciate how you can feel nervous or anxious upon starting a new position. Our goal at each of our 18 Napoli-Managed McDonald’s restaurants is to make your first day exciting from the start. We want our employees to understand what a great brand they’re joining and that they can have an excellent future at McDonald’s or use their job experience as a stepping stone to other job experiences. Be sure to visit our Alumni Page to see just what has become of some of our former employees!

A Look at Your Orientation Agenda

Napoli Management Co. developed an extensive 3-day Training and Orientation Program that prepares our employees to handle their new position with confidence. Day 1 starts with an in-person 3-hour Welcome Session from one of our three Owner Operators and our two Orientation Facilitators. You’ll be introduced to the important aspects of the special in-restaurant training with our certified Crew Trainers, understanding your work environment and schedule and you’ll have a chance to watch our Learning Videos that provide a look into your future workday. If the training is not properly provided as outlined on this webpage, we encourage you to call Dona Thompson, our Operations Training Director at our office number, 781-347-4644.

Days 2 and 3 will focus on meeting your Certified Crew Trainer, working in your food environment, including how to work at the front counter or a basic kitchen station, and learning about providing the best possible service to our customers. 

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Napoli Management takes pride in McDonald’s operations philosophy that dates back to its founding.  We value the customerpeople in general, teamwork and hard work.

McDonald’s Founder Ray Kroc was a pioneer and role model to us all. He reminds us;

  • We can do things people think impossible
  • We can achieve this when we work hard
  • We trust the people we work with
  • We pay attention to customers

Ray also shows us that no matter where you startyou can go on to accomplish great things!