Herren Project

Napoli Management is pleased to partner with Herren Project to assist our employees and their families with addiction recovery support, if a need arises. This services includes treatment navigation, recovery coaching, and resources and guidance for the families. Herren Project will walk with you on your journey to recovery. Services may be requested via text help line, phone, or email and are available Monday-Friday 9am to 9pm. Herren recovery specialists will typically reply within 2-4 hours from the time they receive a text help line request.

Herren Project was founded in 2011 by former professional basketball player, Chris Herren, with the goal of helping others navigate the road to recovery from the disease of addiction. Herren Project has since helped thousands of individuals and their families from anywhere within the United States with treatment navigation and family support services as well as brought awareness to substance use prevention.

The Herren Project offers:


Herren Project works with individuals and families to navigate quality treatment options for those suffering from the disease of addiction.


Herren Project offers online support groups moderated by trained clinicians, resources for family members looking to help a loved one, and healing packages for individuals taking the next step in their recovery.


Herren Project empowers youth and communities to stand up and make a difference by motivating students and community members to embrace a message of making healthy life choices, free from drugs and alcohol.


Chris Herren is a former professional basketball player, a voice on the topic of substance use prevention and a wellness advocate. Since 2009, Chris has spoken to over one million students, athletes and community members, sparking honest discussions on the topics of substance use disorder and wellness. A person in long-term recovery, Chris continues to share his story nationally with a renewed focus on prevention education and challenging audiences to rethink how we look at the disease of addiction – changing the focus from the last day to the first.


• 4,312 Students Reached out to Herren Project after Hearing Chris Speak
• 1,950 Hours of No-Cost Recovery Coaching Provided
• 449 Recovery Housing Scholarships Granted
• $900,000 Secured in Full or Partial Treatment Scholarships

Team Herren Project is a tight-knit community of individuals who are committed to raising funds and awareness for Herren Project. They participate in various kinds of athletic fundraising events and together, they celebrate recovery, healing and empowerment through healthy activities.


For treatment navigation or family support questions please call:
P: (844) 543-8555 or visit Herren Project at https://herrenproject.org/