Joan Kroc, Philanthropist

Joan Kroc, McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc’s third wife, was known as one of the greatest philanthropists of our time. She began a legacy of hope when she entrusted The Salvation Army with $1.5 billion to build community centers all across the country. Her dream to build a network of “Kroc Centers” has become a reality with established centers across the country providing opportunities in arts, education, and athletics for children, adults, and families in underserved communities. The $3 billion donations by the Krocs’ is the largest philanthropical gifts ever made in US history, as of 2016 date of books’ publication.

She was considered a force in the addiction and peace movements and continued to provide formidable donations to other organizations including National Public Radio ($225 million) who to this day still credits Joan’s name on the air, as well as Auntie Helen’s Fluff N’ Fold, a laundry service that helps those with H.I.V./AIDS in San Diego ($500,000). Her money has helped to finance research, make films about the effects of addition and push for changes in medical school curriculums.

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